President Obama 'Doesn't Like America' Claims Christian Group (Audio)


Matt Barber and Mat Staver of the Christian-based Liberty Counsel claimed on their radio show today that President Obama favors "terrorist" Muslim nations over the US, which he is trying to weaken.

Neither Barber or Staver mentioned that Obama has ordered drone strikes on several Islamic countries: Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Somalia. reported that President Obama has ordered more drone strikes on Pakistan than President George W. Bush did.

According to, Barber and Staver also claimed that Obama favors "Islamic nations that seek to destroy America and Israel" (audio below).

"Time and time again, he has show through his actions that Barack Hussein Obama, that his sympathies lie with these Muslim nations, many of them terrorist nations," claimed Barber.

"...Yet this president seems to consistently align himself with these nations that attack, for instance, homosexuals, women, that repress women, that keep little girls from having education, these Islamic nations that seek to destroy America and Israel. I can't figure it out," added Barber.

Barber did not offer any actual evidence of Obama aligning himself with "terrorist nations," but Staver claimed Obama, who is a Christian, doesn't like "Judeo-Christian values."

"Well, I think he doesn't like America and he doesn't like the Judeo-Christian values that founded America and are the foundation of America," stated Staver. "So, with his foreign policy, he is really pulling back America and weakening America."

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