Preschool Claims Groupon Won't Carry 'Faith-Based' Ad (Video)

Munchkin’s Preschool in Mesa, Ariz., claims that the popular online discount website Groupon is practicing discrimination because it won't allow the school to place an ad that says it offers "affordable faith-based education."

“They’re saying who can and can’t do business with them,” Tracy Tingue, co-owner of Munchkin’s Preschool, told the East Valley Tribune.

“I don’t have to purchase every Groupon that comes to me, I have a choice," added Tingue. "Give the [consumer] that same choice.”

"We talk about prayers before meals, and we do tell basic Bible stories," Tingue told KTVK (video below).

The Groupon decline email stated, "We are not able to work with your faith-based business as of right now."

However, Bill Roberts, who is the Groupon director of communications, countered, “We don’t have a policy prohibiting faith-based businesses from running on Groupon.”

Another Groupon rep said there are several deals with faith-based offers, such as a Jewish Community Center membership and a Christian store discount, but the rep would not say why the preschool was excluded from Groupon.

“As a licensed preschool, we follow a nondiscriminatory policy and I would expect the same respect from any other business such as Groupon,” Munchkin’s Preschool co-owner Nikki Tingue told the East Valley Tribune. “Just as I can choose whether or not to buy a Groupon for a particular restaurant or event, families can choose not to buy a Groupon for Munchkin’s Preschool if it is not a proper fit for them.”

Sources: East Valley Tribune, KTVK


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