Premature Bomb Explosion In Quetta, Pakistan Seminary Latest In Slew Of Attacks In Region


A bomb recently flattened four rooms of an unregistered seminary in Quetta, Pakistan.

After investigating the explosion, police determined that it was caused by the accidental detonation of a bomb that was being built inside the seminary. Deputy Inspector General Police Mohammed Jaffar said the three people injured in the explosion were the ones building the bomb.

“Police found explosive materials in the debris. A remote control device, acid, aluminum powder, batteries, cells, wires and other materials used in bomb-making,” Jaffar said.

Police are still searching for the injured men. They have not checked in to any nearby hospitals.

“People in the area say it was a religious school and an Afghan national lived there. It is not registered with the Balochistan government. However, the police found some religious literature from the debris,” Jaffar added.

Sadly, Quetta has become a frequently targeted area for terrorist attacks. In June of this year, 53 people were killed over just two days when terrorists hit the city with repeated strikes. Just two months later, 42 more were killed when terrorists attacked the city for three consecutive days.

In August, The Observers ran a piece on the rising violence rates in Quetta. Local banker Zarak Khan gave the newspaper a chilling look into the life of a Quetta resident.

“Everyone in Quetta is stressed and depressed: you don’t see people smiling in the streets, groups of people laughing or watching football matches,” Khan said. You used to, but not anymore. Now people go to funerals all the time. I would do anything to have Quetta back how it was. It used to be a calm, peaceful city, and we used to welcome tourists from around the world.

“Our lives start and end at home. The biggest part of our social lives is our journey to and from work. Most people avoid leaving the house. So you can imagine how bad things are for us. In the last six months, even schools are no longer safe. So every parent with a child at school is scared.

"Eventually I will have to move out. I’ve been thinking about it seriously for the last six months. It’s not easy when your life and all your assets are in one city. But we can’t stay here.” 

Source: The Express Tribune, The Observers


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