Pranksters Read Violent Bible Commands To People, Tell Them Verses Came From Quran (Video)


Two Dutch pranksters recently disguised a Bible to look like a Quran, and read some violent verses to people on the street about God commanding people to be dismembered and killed (video below).

The pranksters from Dit Is Normaal then asked people for their reactions, reports the Friendly Atheist.

"This sounds ridiculous," one young man replied.

"Well, I didn't know that this kind of stuff was also in this book," a young woman stated.

"Cutting off people's hands... I mean apparently that's just the way they are, but..." she added.

"If you've been raised with this book and these kinds of thoughts it's going to influence the way you think," a second man said.

"How could anyone believe in this?" another woman added. "That's unbelievable to me."

An older woman opined, "To me it sounds like they want to oppress you and force you to believe what they believe."

The pranksters then asked people to compare the Quran to the Bible.

"Hearing this, I would think the Quran is more aggressive," a scruffy young guy stated. "Especially with things like cutting off people's hands."

The older woman said, "I think the Bible mostly has a lot of positive things in it."

The Bible is a lot less harsh and a bit more peaceful," a man wearing cap declared.

The pranksters then revealed that their "Quran" was actually a Bible.

The shocked reactions from people included:

"What the f---?"

"What the hell?"

"Wow, I did not see that coming."

"That is really unbelievable! That is sick... That's really sick!"

"Are you actually for real?"

The first young woman said that she went to a Christian school, but was not aware of the violent verses.

In more religious news, Christian author Alex McFarland told Dove TV on Dec. 3 that the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, happened because of gay marriage and abortion, noted

"Here's the thing, people are saying, 'Why didn't God prevent this?'" McFarland stated. "Look, we've for 45 years told God to leave us alone. Fifty-seven, sixty million babies aborted, now our Supreme Court has deviated from natural law to case law and we've redefined marriage."

McFarland said he wanted Obama to make a public apology to God, but later in the interview, McFarland revived the long debunked-claim that President Obama was a Muslim.

"You know, I don't really know, maybe only the Lord knows," McFarland stated. "But he's certainly done much more that has been sympathetic and enabling for the cause of Islam around the world. In my heart, I'm gonna be honest with you. I suspect he is a Muslim. I really do."

Sources: Friendly Atheist, / Photo Credit: Dit is Normaal Screenshot

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