Portland Teacher Bill Diss Claims To Have Been Fired For His Outward Pro-Life Views


A teacher in Portland, Ore., is claiming that he was fired from his position because of his pro-life views.

Bill Diss, a devout Catholic, was placed on administrative leave from Benson High School after 11 years of teaching at the school, and he claims that it stems from his protest against Planned Parenthood in 2007. Finally, Diss was formally fired from his position.

Diss says that prior to his unapologetic public outrage over the building of the local Planned Parenthood facility, the school had no problem with him. Since the incident, Diss claims that his performance evaluations had been increasingly negative each time and that his firing earlier this year was a result of years of resentment against him for his beliefs.

“The review I got in 2010, in every single area, were very negative comments,” said Diss. “I was marked down in a whole bunch of areas. I was even marked down for how my classroom looked.”

School officials, however, say that Diss’s religious views have nothing to do with why he was ultimately fired.

“Mr. Diss has said his termination was based on his religious beliefs and his right to free speech,” said the Portland Public School District in a statement to KATU. “That is not the case. The school district takes discipline of all employees seriously. Mr. Diss’s conduct and performance led to his removal from the classroom and termination. We appreciate your request for more information, however, state law protects an employee’s privacy and does not allow the school district to discuss personnel matters in detail.”

Diss is apparently trying to appeal the decision by the district and says that if nothing comes of those attempts, he will resort to legal action against his former employer.


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