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Pope Says Condom Use Will Worsen AIDS Crisis in Africa

On route to his first visit to Africa, Pope Benedict XVI told a group of reporters that condoms aren't the answer to stopping the troubled continent's AIDS epidemic. The statement marked the first time the pope has made explicit his views on condom use, a highly controversial issue both within and outside of the Catholic Church. His position is essentially a continuation of his predecessor Pope John Paul II's stance on contraception. 

When asked how Africa can stem the tide of an AIDS crisis that's ravaged Africa, the pope said "You can't resolve it with the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, it increases the

He went on to say that condom distribution only encourages sexual promiscuity and that abstinence and moral responsibility would do far more to combat the disease.

According to UNAIDS, over 20 million people in Africa are infected with
HIV, amounting to about three-quarters of worldwide AIDS deaths.

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