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Pope Francis Falls Over During Mass

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Pope Francis fell over during Mass at a monastery in Poland.

The pope was walking on an open-air platform to celebrate Mass at the holiest shrine in Poland, Jasna Gora, when he missed a step down from the platform and fell to the ground.

The 79-year-old pope braced for the fall with his left hand, and priests rushed to his aid. He was then helped back to his feet. The Mass then continued as planned and Francis delivered a lengthy homily.

“He is in good condition. He did not even complain at all. He never said a word,” Archbishop Waclaw Depo said, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Also the homily showed that the pope has strength and this strength he gets from the people."

The Mass at which Francis spoke was held to celebrate the 1,050th anniversary of Poland’s acceptance of Roman Catholicism. It is his first trip to Eastern Europe.

“Our minds turn to so many sons and daughters of your own people, like the martyrs who made the defenseless power of the Gospel shine forth, like those ordinary yet remarkable people who bore witness to the Lord's love amid great trials, Francis said during his homily.

He cited two Polish saints, and spoke of those who fought for their Roman Catholic faith in Poland. 

“Your own history, shaped by the Gospel, the cross and fidelity to the church, has seen the contagious power of a genuine faith, passed down from family to family, from fathers to sons and above all from mothers and grandmothers, whom we need so much to thank,” he said, Fox News reported. 

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Fox News / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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