Pope Francis Scolds 'Selfish' Followers


The Pope, famed for his humility, has reportedly criticized some of his followers for being “selfish”.  Pope Francis reportedly yelled at members of a crowd who pushed him to fall on top of a disabled person while on a visit to Mexico.

After falling on top of a person in a wheelchair, the Pope yelled, “Don’t be selfish! Don’t be selfish!" reports ABC News.

The Pope is known for meeting with his followers up close, and often turns down his bullet-proof ‘Popemobile’ when making appearances, reports Today.

Pope Francis’ scolding comes at the end of a five-day trip to Mexico.  The pontiff made stops including a mass at the U.S.-Mexico border and a visit to a prison in Ciudad Juarez, reports the BBC. 

Fortunately, neither Pope Francis nor the disabled person was hurt during the encounter, and the Pope is expected to finish his tour of Mexico as planned. 

Sources: ABC News, BBC, Today / Photo Credit: ABC News

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