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Pope Francis Kisses Man With Tumors All Over His Skin in an Unselfish Act of Kindness

Pope Francis has, in his short time as leader of the Catholic Church, won over the hearts of people all over the world, many not even Catholic. From his more progressive views on social issues like homosexuality and abortion to his personal ambition to live more like Jesus Christ than like royalty, Pope Francis is already idolized by many.

Now, in recent pictures taken from a display at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Pope Francis is shown kissing the face of a man with severe neurofibromatosis. The man, who is shown in the photos being held and kissed by the Pope, has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of tumors all over his skin. The Pope is seen kissing him on the head, despite the tumors on the man’s face, and also prayed for him on the spot.

Many are comparing Pope Francis’s act of kindness in St. Peter’s Square to that of Jesus Christ healing the leper, as depicted in the Christian bible.

The moving pictures show a man of compassion, love, and generosity who clearly isn’t getting caught up in the power bestowed to him as leader of the church.

Earlier this week, Pope Francis made headlines again after asking Bishops from around the world to fill out a survey regarding same-sex families in their church communities. He then invited them to the Vatican to discuss the matter, which one can gather was to determine how to church can better be a part of the lives of gay families.

The name of the man in the photos is unknown, but it has been reported that he suffers from neurofibromatosis, which is characterized as causing painful tumors to develop all over the skin. 


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