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Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter, Angry Tweets Slam Him

Pope Benedict XVI ’s new Twitter account has been revealed as @Pontifex. He will not do his first tweet until December 12, but other Twitter members are already chiming in, some welcoming him, others slamming, reports

Sen. Charles Grassley tweeted: "Welcome to Twitter Pope Benedict. U will find it useful and interesting."

NBC's Chuck Tood said it best when he tweeted: "Memo to self: tweeting about the Pope invites even nastier replies."

Here are a few examples of the "nastier" Tweets:

Atheist Richard Dawkins tweeted: "The Pope's newborn account @BenedictusPPXVI has 0 tw but already over 10K followers. But whom is he going to follow?"

Roseanne Barr said: "the pope is just another man in a dress telling women what to do."

Twitter user Tom Freeman: "The Pope will fit right in on Twitter. We too have no idea how to responsibly handle allegations of paedophilia (sic)."

Twitter user Oliver Taylor: "The great thing about Ratzinger's twitter is that we can finally report the Pope for abuse. Abuse of boys, human rights & twitter @Pontifex."

Twitter user Sukus Spookus: "The Pope will need some 14 year old boys to sort out his #Twitter glitches....oh wait."

The f-word was included on many tweets as well.


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