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Poll Reveals 70 Percent Of Georgia Republicans Believe In Creationism


According to a newly released survey by the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP), 53 percent of Georgians believe in creationism over evolution, with 29 percent reporting their belief in the latter and 18 percent not sure. Among Georgia Republicans, the number of creationism believers rises to 70 percent, with17 percent favoring evolution and 15 percent unsure. Georgia Democrats reported a more balanced split, with 43 percent favoring creationism, 33 percent evolution, and 24 percent not sure.

The poll, entitled “Georgia Miscellany,” surveyed 520 Georgia voters on 32 questions, which spanned a variety of subject matters. Included in the survey were (among others) questions assessing public opinion on issues such as gay marriage, the creation of white student unions, background checks for gun sales, favorability of public figures like Paula Deen, Honey Boo Boo, and politicians—and creationism vs. evolution.

The PPP poll comes on the heels of a rousing creationism debate in Pennsylvania, where state Representative Stephen Bloom (R) is attempting to generate support for a new public education bill.

“ With free discourse in the classroom under threat, I will soon be introducing a bill to preserve academic freedom in Pennsylvania’s schools,” wrote Bloom in a recent memo. “Efforts to squelch and stifle free critical inquiry in the classroom have too frequently arisen, often in the context of the teaching and debate of controversial scientific theories and paradigms.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Public Policy Polling


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