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Poll: More Americans Believe President Obama Is Jewish than Muslim

President Obama has had to struggle with the false claims of right-wing blogs falsely insisting that he is a Muslim, even though Pres. Obama has gone to a Christian church for decades.

A new poll by the Associated Press, now says that more Americans believe President Obama is Jewish than those believe the president is a Muslim. 

Despite President Obama repeatedly self-identifying as a Christian [protestant] for four years, only 33% of the surveyed Americans answered that he is any form of a Christian and 35% don't know what his religion is.

The Associated Press survey, conducted using 1,071 random adults during the first week of September, asked: “Do you happen to know the religion of President Obama?"

Here are the results:

Protestant — 28%
Catholic — 5%
Mormon — 0%
Jewish — 18%
Muslim — 10%
Other religion — 2%
No religion — 35%
Don’t know — 2%
Refused/Not Answered — 28%


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