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Poll: 70 Percent Of Women Who Have Abortions Are Christians

A new poll has found that 70 percent of women who have had an abortion self-identify as Christians.

The survey, conducted by LifeWay Research, found that 43 percent of the women who had abortions attended a Christian church at least once a month when they chose the legal medical procedure, while 20 percent went once a week, notes The Christian Post.

The poll was sponsored by the Christian pro-life organization Care Net, which runs anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion.

The survey also found that 7 percent of these women talked about their abortion decision with someone at their church, 52 percent claimed no one at church knew, 64 percent feared church members would gossip, and a whopping 76 percent said the church was not influential on their choice to have an abortion.

The poll claimed that 16 percent of the women who had abortions expected or experienced some type of "caring" response from their church, 38 percent thought the church would be a safe place to talk about their options, but 54 percent would not recommend that a friend or family member consult the church about options during a pregnancy.

In response to the poll, Jeanne Mancini, the president of the pro-life March for Life organization, told The Christian Post, "I'm not surprised but I don't think that necessarily reflects anything bad about churches."

"That would be fantastic if she went to a church member but the reality is that they know often that they are not doing what's right, so they are not going to go [to someone] who is an expert in morality to find that out," Mancini said. "They want somebody to tell them that it's OK and they are not going to hear that from a church, at least not most churches."

Mancini didn't say how she knew why women did not seek out help from churches, and her explanation doesn't explain why women would not recommend a family member or friend to a church for pregnancy options.

The March For Life website makes no mention of any exceptions for abortion in the cases of rape, incest or even the mother's life: "With respect to a difficult pregnancy, the principle of 'equal care for both the pregnant mother and her preborn child' is well established. Although a pregnant mother and/or her preborn child may die, there is no justification in the law of God or man for the intentional killing of even one innocent born or preborn human in existence at fertilization. NO EXCEPTION! NO COMPROMISE!"

Sources: The Christian Post, March For Life / Photo Credit: Ibagli/Wikimedia

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