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Poll: 63 Percent Of Americans Say Kim Davis Should Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses (Video)

Most Americans say Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis should have to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in accordance with the law, according to a new poll. Davis returned to work on Sept. 14, but still refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples (video below).

A Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 63 percent of Americans believe Davis should be required to follow the law of the land and issue same-sex marriage licenses, despite it going against her religious beliefs. Thirty-three percent say Davis should not have to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and 4 percent had no opinion on the subject.

The poll found 74 percent of Americans believe that equal treatment of everyone under the law trumps personal religious beliefs.

Based on the poll, 45 percent of Americans think Judge David Bunning was right to jail Davis for contempt of court when she defied a court order on marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

On Sept. 15, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit turned down a request by Mat Staver's Liberty Counsel, which represents Davis, to delay issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Staver was on the "Faith and Freedom" radio program on Sept. 16. where he claimed that Davis had her life threatened on "The View."

RightWingWatch notes there are no media reports to back up Staver's claim of Davis' life being threatened on the ABC talk show.

Staver said:

"Kim has received just horrible death threats, even, even from 'The View,' amazingly. They called her a monster on national television, one of them said that someone ought to go kill her.

"This is on a major network. That was on 'The View' on ABC. I mean, that was astounding, that kind of language is happening on a major TV network."

Davis is now back at work, and she is not interfering with deputy clerks who issue same-sex marriage licenses. She does, however, refuse to have her name associated with the licenses.

The Washington Post-ABC News Poll was conducted Sept. 7-10. They surveyed 1,003 adults via landline and cell phones. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Sources: The Washington Post, RightWingWatch, Langer Research

Photo credit: Fox News Screenshot, WikiCommons


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