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Woman Fatally Shoots Victim, Leaves Body On Her Couch For Days, Police Says

Anitra Braxton, 39, was charged with first-degree murder in Phoenix on Dec. 26 after police reportedly found a dead body on her couch.

The Phoenix Police Department told Fox 10 Phoenix that Braxton denied there was anyone inside her apartment when the officers responded to reports of a dead African-American woman.

After cops noticed a dead body on Braxton's couch, she allegedly told police that the body was her own and a "shrine from God."

According to police, Braxton also told officers that the victim had been shot in the eye for not believing in God.

Braxton allegedly confessed that the body had been in her home for two to three days. However, no murder weapon was found, and the victim has yet to be identified.

"She will not tell us who the victim is," Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump told The Arizona Republic. "When we ask for the victim's name, she gives her own name. At this point, we're not sure what her thought process is or what type of mental illness she may be suffering from."

The victim may have been pregnant, which could mean a double homicide charge against Braxton, Crump added.

Braxton is being held at the Maricopa County Jail on a $750,000 bail. She has a preliminary hearing on Jan. 6, 2016.

Sources: Fox 10 Phoenix, The Arizona Republic / Photo Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Media Handout

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