Planned Parenthood Clinic Vandalized With Bible Verse


A Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbus, Ohio, was vandalized.  A Bible verse was painted on the building's wall during the night of March 6.

The red paint read: "SATAN DEN OF BABYKILLERS GOD SEE ALLLL Mark 9:14," reports The Columbus Dispatch.

While clinic volunteers escorted patients into the building on March 7, pro-life protesters stood nearby and yelled, "God loves you!" and, "You have alternatives!"

Nicole Evans, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, said in a statement:

These attacks are perpetuated by extreme individuals who continue to invoke lies and smear videos to demonize Planned Parenthood and the 80,000 Ohioans who come to us for basic health care.

The individuals responsible for this act hope to send a signal that using acts of violence will intimidate health-care professionals and the women we serve. They are wrong. Our doors will stay open.

"We think it's awful [the vandals] would do this," Dave "Coach" Daubenmire, a pro-life protester, said. "We believe in protecting property and lives."

After a Planned Parenthood clinic was the site of a mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in December 2015, Daubenmire slammed Planned Parenthood in a YouTube video, noted

Hey folks, Coach Dave here. You know, I tried to warn you on Friday that they were going to try to blame this whole Planned Parenthood thing on pro-life Christians.

...Folks, there’s terror every day inside those Planned Parenthood clinics. There was terrorism last week, there will be terrorism next week as long as we continue to allow this murder to take place inside those four walls. Terrorism in the womb leads to terrorism in the world.

The admitted Planned Parenthood shooter, Robert Dear, professed to being a pro-life Christian who was on a "righteous crusade" that took the lives of three people and wounded nine more.

Daubenmire wrote an article in 2015 for that said: "Militant is another one of those words that scares Christians because it is manly. We tend to believe that 'love' is the greatest weapon…and it is…but “loving” people while they rob you blind borders on insanity. Real men defend things."

"'Militant' is defined as 'having or showing a desire or willingness to use strong, extreme, and sometimes forceful methods to achieve something. [...] It is time to man-up Brothers."

Sources: The Columbus Dispatch, / Photo credit: Planned Parenthood Logo/Wikimedia

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