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Is Picture 'Pathway To Heaven' Or Windshield Glare? (Video)

Anisa Gannon took a picture of a tragic car accident scene in Gainesville, Georgia, on April 25 that some are saying is a "pathway to heaven," while others believe it is a glare on a windshield (video below).

Hannah Simmons, her baby A’lannah, and friend Lauren Buteau were all killed in the accident when Simmons lost control of her car and hit an oncoming truck, notes WSB-TV.

The news station described the picture as "what appears to be a streak of light coming from the sky."

The "Today" show website stated: "The image appeared to show a beam of light ascending from the road to the sky. Within that beam, there seemed to be two small orbs."

Paige Wilson, a cousin of one of the victims, told "Today": "No doubt it’s some kind of sign."

Gannon told People that she took the picture "as proof that I was sitting in the wreck in case my boss wondered why I was late."

Gannon’s aunt, Tara Noble, told "Today" that she looked at the picture and said: "Oh, my gosh. It’s a pathway to heaven."

Gannon told People that the beam of light in her picture is "clearly a glare off my window."

"It still looks like a pathway to heaven," she added. "I didn’t mean to do it, but it makes me feel good that just the little things can help somebody tremendously."

Despite its earlier description, "Today" noted that the light was logically a lens flare or windshield glare. However, Noble insisted those scientific explanations missed the point.

"I don’t believe in coincidences, especially the two 'lights' inside that bigger light," Noble stated. "It brought the families peace, whether it’s a glare or not. It’s indescribable, basically, and it does look like them leaving."

Noble found the families of the crash victims, and presented them with the photo.

"I just wanted to give them some peace," Noble told People.

"I just needed something to show me that they were in heaven and that they were OK," Judy Simmons, Hannah’s mother, said. "And that was my confirmation."

"Nothing’s ever going to be the same, my heart’s broken and I miss them daily," Simmons added. "If it wasn’t for the picture, I don’t know, it made it a whole lot better for me."

Dana Cantrell, Lauren's mother, added: "It gave me a peace that was indescribable."

"That picture was taken for a reason -- to give me sanity," Simmons told "Today." "Hannah was also my best friend, and she’s looking down from heaven now."

Despite the logical scientific explanation from the photographer herself, several news sites pushed the religious theme in their headlines.

Metro, a UK news site ran the headline: "Families comforted by photo showing crash victims 'going up pathway to heaven.'"

Cafe Mom used this headline: "See the Heavenly Photo That's Bringing Families Comfort After a Fatal Car Crash."

Deseret News also ran a religiously-themed headline: "This photo showing the 'pathway to heaven' goes viral for giving family peace."

Sources: Today, People, Metro, Cafe Mom, Deseret News, WSB-TV/YouTube / Photo credit: Pixabay

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