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Phil Robertson Praised by Christian Radio Host for Making Homosexuality Seem 'Very Repugnant' (Audio)

Last year, "Duck Dynasty" reality TV star Phil Robertson graphically described homosexual activity, which he condemned in an interview with GQ magazine.

Robertson was praised by Christian conservatives for standing up for his religious rights.

He got another pat on the back today from debunked Christian historian and radio host David Barton, noted (audio below).

Speaking on his "WallBuilders Live" radio show, Barton praised Robertson for being "quite graphic" because he made homosexuality seem "very repugnant, which is what it should be."

Barton's son Tim and his co-host Rick Green agreed.

"Actually, he was quite graphic in listing the sins too, by the way... I gotta say, he did that in such a way that it made it very repugnant, which is what it should be," said Barton.

"Yeah, it was no longer wholesome homosexuality, it was eww, gross!" Barton later added.

However, it appears Robertson may have turned off many viewers.

According to, this January's season premiere was 8.5 million viewers, a large drop from the August 2013 premiere of 11.8 million viewers.

The second episode in January dropped down to 6.6 million viewers.

In February, the show's ratings rallied a bit, but then fell to 6.5 million, noted



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