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Petition to Ban Controversial Christian Parenting Book From Amazon (Video)

An online petition to pull a controversial Christian parenting book from Amazon has gathered almost 100,000 signatures.

A petition wants the 1994 book To Train Up a Child written by Michael and Debi Pearl to be removed from Amazon because it has been linked to the deaths of three children, whose parents say they were influenced by the advice, noted

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Since the book’s original publication in 1994, a bevy of child abuse cases have citied the Pearls' evangelical guidebook as the source of the offending parents’ behavior, but formal action has never been taken against the authors. A tragically common theme among the stories is the use of a quarter-inch thick length of plumbing pipe used to hit badly behaving kids; the Pearls call it the “Rod of Reproof,” citing a passage from the biblical book Proverbs as justification.

"Spanking is only an option that we have, that we seldom use, but having that option gives authority to our words," Michael Pearl told The Christian Post in 2012. "Having that option means that if we have a rebellious child, or if we have a child that's otherwise compliant but one day has a rebellious streak that child, knowing that we have an option to spank, gives authority to our words, and helps us to communicate our will to the child and to receive compliance."

The organizer of the petition, Amie Salter, states on the petition page, "While this book does not directly kill children, it takes the accountability away, offering reassurance that hitting children into obedience is a valid form of parenting."

Salter also cited a YouTube video (below) showing the Pearls at a parenting conference demonstrating their spanking techniques.

When one audience member asks how to handle angry husband, Michael Pearl advises her to "make love" and "make him happy."

Michael Pearl also warns his audience about black Muslim gangs who "kill white people."

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