People Wave 'Merry Christmas' Signs To Protest, Spread Cheer (Video)


About a dozen residents in Marshfield, Massachusetts, waved "Merry Christmas" signs last Saturday to protest for the holiday that they feel is under attack.

The local school committee voted to change "Christmas Break" to "Holiday Break" on the school calendar in September. More recently, some of Marshfield's Department of Public Works employees were told to take down their flashing "Merry Christmas" sign because they didn't have a permit, noted CBS Boston.

The pro-Christmas protesters shook their signs and yelled "Merry Christmas" on a roadside over the weekend (video below).

However, Selectman Chair John Hall told My Fox Boston, "We're less than a week away from Christmas and this should be a holiday of tolerance, sharing and giving. And people are angry. And if I'm concerned about anything, I'm concerned about that."

Sources: CBS Boston, My Fox Boston
Image Credit: My Fox Boston Screenshot


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