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People Pray Loudly Before Florida School Board Votes On Prayers At Meetings (Video)

Local religious leaders and residents prayed loudly before a school board meeting in Okaloosa County, Florida, on Oct. 12 (video below).

At issue for the board was whether or not to have prayer at the beginning of meetings, notes the Friendly Atheist.

The Okaloosa-Walton Freethinkers, an atheist group, posted the video on its Facebook page with the caption: "This was just the beginning of the antics that took place prior to the Okaloosa School Board meeting this evening."

The prayer issue was sparked after the Freedom From Religion Foundation questioned if the prayers were constitutional, notes

The school board reportedly voted 3-2 to keep the prayer at the beginning of the meeting.

Sources: Okaloosa/Walton Freethinkers/Facebook,, Friendly Atheist / Photo credit: Facebook screenshot


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