People Claim to See God at Drive-In Movie Theater in Oklahoma (Video)


A vision of God reportedly appeared at the Airline Drive-In movie theater in Ponca City, Okla., last Saturday.

A Christian radio station arranged for a screening of the pro-Christian, anti-Atheist film "God’s Not Dead" at the drive-in, which is scheduled to be demolished.

A housing development will reportedly be built where the theater has sat for decades.

Viewers of the film claim they saw the image of God looking down on the drive-in theater.

WTVR notes that God allegedly appeared in the background of a picture that moviegoer Mandy Moehlman took of her daughter.

"I thought it was God making his appearance to say that He is not dead," Moehlman told KFOR (video below).

"He is very much alive," added Moehlman. "I just thought it was neat and ironic that we were at a movie called 'God's Not Dead,' and there is a picture of God's face in the clouds."

After the supposed sighting of God, a grassroots effort to save the drive-in theater sprang up on a new Facebook page, which has over 1,700 "likes."

The movie will reportedly run again this weekend at the drive-in theater, but no word if God will make another appearance.

Sources: KFOR, WTVR


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