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'People Are Going to Die' from Obamacare, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)

Pat Robertson warned today that “people will die” from Obamacare, if more Republicans are not elected in 2014 to repeal the law.

According to, the 700 Club host drummed up his dark fantasy with the help of Betsy McCaughey, who has spread misinformation about Obamacare for years, noted

McCaughey is most famous for starting the lie that seniors would be forced to have a counseling session on "how to end their life sooner" in the Wall Street Journal in 2009, which was debunked by

McCaughey tried to scare Americans earlier this year with claims that Obamacare would "question" people's sex lives, which was also debunked by

Despite her false statements about Obamacare, Robertson called McCaughey a "health policy expert" on today's show (video below).

“Actually people are going to die, aren’t they?” said Robertson. “They will die.”

“They are,” added McCaughey. “There are some people [who] may even die. I hate to say that, but some people will not be able to get the health coverage they need because of those politicians in Washington.”

Later, Robertson rejected the idea of Obamacare again, which will help millions of uninsured people get health insurance coverage for the first time.

“And the people say, not on our shoulders are you going to put this put this burden, we’re not take it,” stated Robertson. “Whoo! Revolution!”

Robertson didn't mention all the people who have actually died, long before Obamacare, because they couldn't afford health insurance coverage or had their insurance policies terminated after being diagnosed with a fatal disease, reports

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