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Pennsylvania Court Refuses To Let Muslim Woman Testify On Quran Instead Of Bible

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A judge in Pennsylvania did not allow a Muslim woman to swear on the Quran before testifying in her custody suit against her estranged husband.

Pennsylvania law states that witnesses must take an oath on the Christian Bible or choose to make a non-religious declaration before testifying in court.

The woman is challenging the state's law, stating her religious rights are being violated and that the state is favoring Christianity over Islam and other religions.

Her husband, of who she is separated from, swore on the Bible before he took the witness stand, which he is now using as leverage against his wife in the custody battle.

"He told the court that the woman's refusal to swear on a Bible or make a non-religious affirmation served as a sort of witness intimidation, since it could be construed to imply that his testimony would be less than truthful as he swore on a non-Islamic book," wrote

While the woman claimed that other states allow other religious writings to be used in court, the judge rejected her statement and allowed the Pennsylvania law to stand.

The law in question states, "Which oath so taken by persons who conscientiously refuse to take an oath in the common form shall be deemed and taken in law to have to have the same effect as an oath taken in common form."


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