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Pennsylvania County Wants To Keep Cross In County Seal


A religious group in Pennsylvania is encouraging a county's commissioners to keep a Christian symbol in the county seal.

They claim that they need to defend the seal against an "anti-Christian group."

The "anti-Christian" group in question is the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an organization that regularly scrutinizes small towns to uphold a separation of church and state. Most recently they have requested that the Lehigh County Council remove a cross from the county seal. 

In opposition to them, the Pennsylvania Pastors Network lambasted the Foundation's efforts, encouraging state residents to contact the commissioners and tell them to "stand for religious freedom and not cave to their demands," according to Lehigh Valley Live

The issue began in November when the FFRF sent a letter to the County Executive informing him that the seal violated the First Amendment's Establishment Clause with its cross. 

The President of the Pastors Network, Sam Rohrer, said in a statement that the United States government has always "recognized the hand of Divine Providence." As such, the Constitution protects the freedom for Americans to acknowledge God through public symbols.

"We urge Lehigh County officials not to cave to these threats but to stand boldly for truth and religious freedom," he said.

He went on the decry the Foundation's request, calling it "lame" and a "bullying tactic."

Though they claim to stand for religious freedom, the Network ironically would argue against using any other religious symbol on the seal. They claim the cross is "at the heart of what it means to be a constitutional republic," according to Rohrer.

"You don't have a constitutional foundation, like you have here, in the Middle East," he told reporters. "We're not an atheistic, communist regime."

Source: Lehigh Valley Live Photo Credit: Lehigh Valley Live


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