Pennsylvania Church Kicks Out Boy Scouts Over Gay Policy

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The Aldan Union Church has kicked out a local Boy Scouts troop because of the national organization's change in policy to allow gay scouts back in May.

The scouts have been meeting at the Aldan, Pa. church for 93 years.

"We're not homophobic. We just believe that we should follow the teachings of the Scriptures," Rev. Paul Thompson told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "We try to have the authority being in the scriptures rather than ourselves. We believe that among those sins is the sin of homosexuality."

However, the Boy Scouts of America states that it does not allow any sexual activity between scouts on its website:

Any sexual conduct, whether homosexual or heterosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting.

“It was not unanimous but the majority were in favor,” Bill Ressler, chairman of the church's 21-member council of elders, told the Daily Times News. “There were only two or three who did not vote for it... Based on the reaction of the congregation, I would say the ratio of those in favor versus those against is about 10-to-1 and even those against understand why we did it.”

The Boy Scout troop and the Cub Scout pack will now meet at a local American Legion Post.

“I would say it was a no-brainer,” said Lawrence Albertoli, adjutant for American Legion Post 1000. “I think most people feel the scouts are such a worthwhile organization and that this gives us the opportunity to build on a longstanding partnership that already exists at the national level.”

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