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Pat Robertson: Woman’s Issues With Abusive Father ‘Cause Of That Cancer’

Televangelist Pat Robertson said on his “The 700 Club” show Tuesday that a woman caused her own cancer because she was still feeling animosity toward her abusive father, who disowned her.

“My father abused my mom for years,” viewer Barb wrote in a letter to Robertson. “One day he came home and called me horrid names. Years went by; I felt so bad so, on the advice of my pastor, I went to him and apologized for anything I had ever done wrong.”

“I was tossed out, literally, so I disowned him,” she said. “I have since had cancer twice and have not been contacted by him. How do I deal with the heartache?”

Robertson insisted that the situation could have led to her cancer.

“You might have a feeling of loss, an emptiness, and you’ve sort of turned off the tremendous system that you have to prevent — there’s an immune system that will function when you are forgiving,” he preached.

Robertson noted that the father would be “horribly” punished by God one day, but “all you have to do is forgive him.”

“You cannot keep harboring it, it will hurt yourself,” he said. “So, let it go.”

A Daily Kos blogger says the TV preacher is not qualified to give such advice, saying that “Robertson is not a medical doctor. He has no training in medicine or biology, which means that he has no business giving out medical advice.”

Watch the CBN video below, via The Raw Story:


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