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Pat Robertson Tells Grandmother To Put Grandchild In Christian School (Video)

A grandmother wrote into the "700 Club" asking host, televangelist Pat Robertson what she should do about her grandson. She told Robertson her grandchild is being taught by his father that God and Jesus are not real, but rather created to scare people (video below).

The grandmother said she is "worried for my grandson’s soul,” notes RawStory.

"You should be. If there’s any way you can get that child away from that," Robertson replied on his Aug. 10 show. "This is his grandfather telling him that."

Robertson's co-host reminded him it was the father.

Robertson added:

"His father telling him that ... Uhh, well, I don’t know, but if there’s any way you can get him enrolled in a Christian school or get him into some, you know, they have daily vacation Bible school and things or a youth group. There’s all kinds of things you could do to kind of get him into some positive influences."

Last week, Robertson made an online video to congratulate Charisma magazine on its 40th anniversary (video below), reports

In his heartfelt message, Robertson also added a warning of doom:

"I want you to know, ladies and gentlemen, that we are confronting right now a tide of evil that is like nothing that any of us have seen before. We have a government that is set on bringing about upon iniquity, we have courts that have distorted the Constitution and have turned our moral values on their ear.

"Who would’ve thought, 30 or 40 years ago when we began, that the Supreme Court would’ve said homosexuality is a constitutional right? Who would’ve thought that the Supreme Court would’ve said marriage between homosexuals was a constitutional right? Who would’ve thought that the slaughter of babies, over 55 million of them, would’ve been declared a constitutional right by the Supreme Court? And yet a small group, and they're tiny group of left-wing judges have distorted our culture, so voices have to be raised."

In reality, three U.S. Supreme Court justices who voted for landmark 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade included conservatives Warren E. Burger, Lewis Powell and Harry Blackmun, all nominated by President Richard Nixon.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who voted for same-sex marriage in June 2015 was nominated by President Ronald Reagan.

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