Pat Robertson Supports Man's Promise To God Not To See Doctors (Video)


A 76-year-old viewer wrote into “The 700 Club” today explaining how he "made a covenant with God" not to see any doctors, but instead asked God “to be my physician.”

The viewer added that his family members pressure him to see a doctor every time he gets sick. The viewer asked Robertson how to make his family understand (video below).

There are no verses in the Bible against seeing a doctor, but "700 Club" host Pat Robertson supported the man's promise to God not to seek medical care, noted

"You know, there are some people who think that doctors are God," claimed Robertson. "And they really aren't."

"And you've asked God to be your physician," added Robertson. "So stick with it and say, 'Lord, I'm asking you for it.'"

According to, Robertson declared there was “nothing wrong with taking medicine" and claimed he supported doctors.

"But you made a commitment to the Lord, stick with it," advised Robertson. "Don't let your family influence you, do what you feel like doing."



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