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Pat Robertson Stunned that Women Want to be in Combat (Video)

After a report about four women entering combat training on today's 700 Club, host Pat Robertson expressed dismay and bewilderment as to why women would want to be in combat (video below).

“Well, I was trained at Quantico, I didn’t think it was all that demanding, but I’m not a lady. The SEAL team training is ungodly difficult, why would a woman want to go through that?” asked Robertson.

His female co-host Wendy Griffith replied: "I don't know. I work out. I like to challenge myself. I think there are some women who want to see what they can do, to the limit."

"They're out there in freezing water for a day or two. They've got to lift those huge logs over their head and go on punishing hikes with huge packs on their back. The marine corp training doesn't come close to the SEAL team training and all the women that went in, washed out of that course," said Robertson.

“The feminists are going to have their way,” sighed Robertson, notes

Griffith added: "It's not a good idea. There is going to be sexual attraction, all kinds of issues that you don't want to have to deal with when you're trying to protect your country."

Both Griffith and Robertson failed to mention that other countries, such as Israel, have had women in combat roles for years.

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