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Pat Robertson: Stock Market Crash Is God's Punishment For Abortion, Planned Parenthood (Video)

The stock market took a tumble last Friday and today following reports that China was devaluing its currency. However, televangelist Pat Robertson claimed today on his "700 Club" TV show that the market drop was the beginning of God's punishment of America (video below).

Robertson suggested the market drop was only the beginning of God’s judgment for legal abortion and the U.S. government's funding of Planned Parenthood, which he claimed was extortion in the form of taxes, notes

Robertson blamed the "left" for giving tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, but failed to mention that Title X funding actually began under President Nixon and has continued under Republican and Democratic administrations.

Robertson stated:

And here in America, we have been complicit in terminating the lives of in excess of 50 million, precious unborn children. And don't you think  Almighty God is going to hold us accountable for that.

We will pay dearly as a nation for this thing going on. And possibly if we were to stop, stop all this slaughter the judgment of God might be lifted from us. But it’s coming, ladies and gentlemen.

We just had a little taste of it in terms of the financial system, but it’s going to get shaken to its core in the next few months, years or however long it takes and it will hurt every one of us.

The Associated Press reports that the stock market was not just a U.S. "correction," as Robertson suggested, but "part of a global wave of selling touched off by signs of a slowdown in China."

The Washington Post also pointed outside the U.S. by noting China's unfinished construction projects, unemployment and "ghost towns" as indicators of the country's financial misfortunes.

Outside the U.S. (yet again), Latin American currencies hit a 22-year low, reports BloombergBusiness.

Sources:, Associated PressBloombergBusiness, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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