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Pat Robertson Says Treat Eating Disorders As A 'Demonic Possession Thing' (Video)

Pat Robertson gave some unusual advice to people who are suffering from eating disorders on "The 700 Club" today.

Robertson recalled a young man whom he knew that suffered from the condition, and the late pop singer Karen Carpenter, noted (video below).

Robertson stated:

This can be treated as a demonic possession thing, it is like a demon and it needs to be rebuked and cast out, but these people need all kinds of attention. They need care, they need self-image, they need a whole re-hab program. It's not something you can just pat them on the back and say, "Hey, why don't you eat, I got you a nice steak." No way, that doesn't work.

While Robertson dispensed medical advice, former game show host Chuck Woolery warned listeners of his "Save Us Chuck Minute" program that President Obama was trying to push a gay marriage case through the U.S. Supreme Court "that will be the biggest threat to religious freedom since King George" (video below).

Woolery claimed that if the U.S. Supreme court agreed with Obama, then churches would be forced to perform same-sex marriages or risk losing their tax-free status.

Woolery who has been married four times, didn't cite any back up for his claims.

In reality, the same-sex marriage case before the U.S. Supreme Court has nothing to do with President Obama.

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Image Credit: 700 Club Screenshot


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