Pat Robertson Says Obama is 'Sympathetic' to Islam, Won't Mention Obama Bombing Islamic Countries (Video)


Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn recently stated that Alton Nolen, who allegedly beheaded one co-worker and cut the throat of a second worker in Moore, Okla., may have committed the crimes to “get revenge” over his work suspension.

According to KFOR, Mashburn said Nolen was “using some Arabic terms” during the attack, but also added that Nolen did not like “white people."

Mashburn added that it was “highly likely” that Oklahoma will seek the death penalty against Nolen.

Those statements did not sit well with Christian televangelist Pat Robertson, who claimed on “The 700 Club” today that the U.S. government is trying to hide the fact that Nolen is Muslim, noted

As he has many times in the past, Robertson tried to link and blame his conspiracy plot on President Obama (video below).

“Most murderers don’t cut off the heads of their victims but the Islamic people do,” claimed Robertson. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have to identify the enemy, but political correctness says we can't do it."

However, Mexican drug cartels are famous for cutting off people's heads (and have no link to Islam), noted the Daily Mail.

Robertson then advanced to his latest conspiracy about President Obama.

“We’ve got somebody in the White House whose father, I believe, he came from Kenya, he may have been a communist, whether he was Islamic we’re not sure, but Obama was trained, his stepfather was indeed a Muslim and they lived in Indonesia for a number of years so he’s sympathetic,” claimed Robertson.

Robertson failed to mention that President Obama has bombed seven Islamic countries in six years, reported

“It is a very violent religious belief and it has political ramifications as well and what they want to establish is a caliphate and the sooner we recognize what we’re dealing with, but apparently Obama refused to listen to the voices of his own intelligence chiefs,” said Robertson.

Robertson was apparently basing that false claim on a debunked report by the conservative Government Accountability Institute that claimed President Obama was missing intelligence meetings, when, in reality, the president prefers to have his intelligence reports in writing, noted and The Washington Post.

Sources:, KFOR, Daily Mail,,, The Washington Post


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