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Pat Robertson Says God Can 'Straighten' Lesbian Child At Camp (Video)

A viewer of Pat Robertson's "700 Club" asked the televangelist today what she should do about her daughter who recently introduced her new girlfriend.

The troubled mom asked for advice on what to do about her lesbian offspring, who goes to church and is a Christian, noted (video below).

Robertson told the mom to "pray very hard," to tell her daughter that she didn't approve of her being a lesbian and to let her know that "she's not following the commands of the Lord."

Robertson added. "It may be a phase she's going through. I mean, a little teenage girl doesn’t know what dress she’s supposed to wear much less what kind of sex she’s supposed to be."

Robertson also claimed:

There’s so much lesbian stuff, I mean, lesbian this, lesbian the other, so much homosexual. the media is pushing this as hard as they can possibly push it. But you might, I don’t know what to do, except maybe get her in a camp, a Christian camp in the summer where they are really on fire for the Lord and maybe she'll straighten things out.

While the "700 Club" viewer anxiously awaits summer, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear what may be a landmark LGBT case this week.

The high court will hear a case on Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky, all of which have bans on gay marriage. The ruling in this case could decide gay marriage for the rest of the nation.

PBS NewsHour recently interviewed two families in Kentucky that caused the state's case on gay marriage to come about: A gay couple, and Martin Cothran, a straight man who is married to a woman, has children and opposes same-sex marriage (video below).

Sources:, PBS NewsHour
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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