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Pat Robertson: Sarah Palin Shouldn't Run The VA (Video)

Pat Robertson expressed serious doubts on Dec. 14 about reports of Sarah Palin serving as President-elect Donald Trump's secretary of Veterans Affairs (video below).

Robertson's co-host on "The 700 Club," Wendy Griffith, said this was the first time people have seen a president make cabinet choices in "real time." Griffith then brought up Palin's name for the VA, which induced visible discomfort for Robertson, notes Right Wing Watch.

"Heaven help us from that," Robertson replied. "That would be a terrible thing. Terrible. Terrible. She's an outspoken lady, but she's got too much... on her plate. That's a nice way of putting it."

"She’s a nice lady," Griffith assured viewers.

Meanwhile at the conservative Christian Family Research Council, president Tony Perkins is upset about Trump choosing Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.

Perkins explained his opposition to Tillerson on the FRC website on Dec. 12:

FRC knows Tillerson all too well, having worked for years to put the brakes on his reckless agenda for a scouting organization that was already dealing with staggering numbers of sexual abuse cases. Unfortunately, the [Boy Scouts of America], under Tillerson, ultimately caved to the pressure of the far-Left, irreparably splitting the Scouts and destroying a proud and honorable American tradition.

Under his chairmanship, ExxonMobil's score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate "Equality" Index has also skyrocketed to 87 percent. Still, Trump calls Rex a "world class player and dealmaker," but if these are the kinds of deals Tillerson makes -- sending dollars to an abortion business that's just been referred for criminal prosecution and risking the well-being of young boys under his charge in an attempt to placate radical homosexual activists -- then who knows what sort of "diplomacy" he would champion at [Department of State]?

Perkins also complained about Tillerson's business ties (ExxonMobil) to Russian President Vladamir Putin, whom Trump has praised, and Tillerson's support for a carbon tax (to help stop global warming).

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Family Research Council / Photo Credit: CBN via YouTube

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