Televangelist Pat Robertson has had his slew of controversies over the years. But a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival will bring to the forefront, again, one of the biggest scandals involving Robertson.

Mission Congo, a documentary directed by Lara Zizic and David Turner premiering Friday, revisits claims made by journalist Bill Sizemore in 2003 that Robertson, of the television program the 700 Club, accepted donations in the 1990’s for his nonprofit Operation Blessing International that claimed to provide aid in response to the 1994 Rwandan crisis, only to actually use those funds for his own personal diamond mining operation in Africa.

After the Rwandan genocide in the early 90s, Robertson enlisted the help of his viewers to donate to Operation Blessing, which he claimed would help refugees who had fled to Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

However, former aid workers at Operation Blessing refute those claims and have said that mercy flights to save refugees were taken to deliver equipment to a diamond mine run by Robertson, as reported by The Guardian.

Despite the scandal taken place two decades ago, the directors of Mission Congo wanted to bring to light the issue that they believe was very under-reported.

“Sometimes a story hits you so profoundly that you simply have to act,” Zizic and Turner said in a press release statement. “We were researching a fiction script and we came across an article mentioning Robertson’s dual activities in Congo. We felt that these activities, and implied level of deception, were unfathomable on so many levels that we had to find out more. How could something like this happen” Why was there not more coverage in the media? How did he get away with it? It if happened then, is it still happening now?”

According to the Inquisitr, Robertson has denied to be interviewed for Mission Congo.

Source:, The Guardian


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