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Pat Robertson: Oppose Obama's Muslim Government (Video)

Televangelist Pat Robertson said on the June 27 broadcast of The 700 Club that Americans need to oppose President Obama's administration because it has supposedly brought members of the Muslim Brotherhood into "the inner circles of the government of the United States" (video below).

According to, Robertson said that Obama's Muslim stepfather put him in an Islamic madrassa when he (Obama) was a child living in Indonesia (approximately ages 6 to 10). Politifact debunked that claim way back in 2007: "Obama attended a public school there, which taught a small amount of religion."

Robertson also slammed Obama's father for opposing British rule over Kenya, and said that he was an alcoholic and a womanizer. The womanizing accusation is similar to one often leveled against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom Robertson showered praise on earlier this year.

Robertson went on to state: "Now, Obama has visceral dislike for the standards that we have in this country. What he thinks is America is an oppressor and he thinks the Nation of Islam or the Islamic countries at least should not be in anyway called out for the actions they have."

Regarding that accusation, the Intercept reports that Obama has bombed seven Muslim countries in his war against terrorism.

Robertson added that the Muslim brotherhood was behind the beginnings of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Robertson did not mention that these groups have been in conflict with each other.

Robertson said that the Muslim brotherhood wants to impose Sharia law worldwide, and has been "brought into the inner circles of the government of the United States."

Robertson offered no proof of his extraordinary statement, but asserted that "the government doesn’t want us" to fight terrorist groups.

Robertson went on to add:

It’s shocking, it should be horrifying and it’s time the American people stand up against it. We’re being taken over, it’s a very subtle thing. Europe is being overrun and taken over, and country after country after country are facing Islamic extremists and it is very hurtful.

But if we can't identify who they are, we can't say, "Well, why are they doing these things, they must hate us because we're oppressors in the 19th century." That has nothing to do with it. It's at the core of their ideology, read the Quran. It says it so clearly.

Robertson made no mention of the U.S. invasions of countries in the Middle East, decades of U.S. interference in their affairs, or American shipments of weapons to various Middle Eastern factions, which have fueled conflicts in that part of the world.

Robertson also said:

The people who are distorting Islam are not these radical groups, they are following right down the line what the Quran says. The ones who are distorting it are the so-called moderates who refuse to go along with it.

It's amazing! We have got to do something in this country. That's why we’re looking at a revolution in England and maybe looking for a revolution here in this country. We’ve had enough.

As a matter of record, no "revolution" in England is being reported. That country's citizens narrowly and peacefully voted on June 23 to exit the European Union.

Sources: RightWingWatch.orgPolitifact, The Intercept / Photo credit: RWW Blog/YouTube

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