Pat Robertson: God May Not Have Healed Cancer Victim Because She Hated Husband (Video)


Televangelist Pat Robertson was asked by a viewer on “The 700 Club” on Nov. 16 why God did not hear or answer a prayer for a female friend who had cancer and died (video below).

Robertson comforted the viewer with the assurance that God did hear the prayers, but chose not to heal the woman, possibly because she hated her husband, notes RightWingWatch. Robertson stated:

"Well, you don’t know you weren't heard. God hears everybody's prayers. The question is, in some case, He says, 'No. No.'  And you don’t know what went on with that wife. You don’t know what was in her heart. You don’t know what sin she had committed. You don’t know how much unbelief was there. You don’t know whether she hated her husband. You don’t know any of these things. But you’ve been praying and God says, 'OK, I’m sorry, but the answer is no.' God heard your prayer, OK?"

In more religious news, Tony Perkins, the head of the conservative Family Research Council, claimed on Nov. 16 that terrorists would not likely strike in the South because those Americans are armed.

Perkins made his claim during his "Washington Watch" radio program while interviewing Republican Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas about a bill that Womack has authored that would revoke the passports of U.S. citizens who are suspected of being members of terrorist groups, reports RightWingWatch.

Womack told Perkins he was not aware that the U.S. government had revoked any passports, and added that it is “plausible to believe that we could potentially have the same thing brewing in our country that obviously demonstrated, and manifested itself on Friday in France.”

“I agree with you," Perkins replied. "I do think it’s less likely to happen in the South, where more of the citizens are armed. I’m serious.”

Sources: RightWingWatch (2) / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

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