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Pat Robertson Denies Global Warming Because of Cold Winter, No SUVs on Jupiter (Video)

Like many conservatives, televangelist Pat Robertson believes that the cold weather in the US during winter somehow disproves the science of global warming.

According to, Robertson took his anti-climate change theory a step further by noting there were not any “SUVs driving around in Jupiter” on the 700 Club today (video below).

“The inconvenient truth is it’s getting cold,” said Robertson. “Some parts of America are colder than Mars. Why? We’ve got a special story today about how come we could very well be entering another little ice age.”

Later in the show, Robertson denied science and claimed, "The Earth isn’t getting warmer. In fact, it’s because of the Sun. The Sun is now showing signs that we’re headed for something very, very different, global cooling.”

Robertson failed to mention that it is summer in Australia where the heat is setting records in the 120 degree range, noted New Scientist.

“It’s getting warmer in Jupiter, and they don’t have any SUVs driving around in Jupiter,” added Robertson. “I mean, it has nothing to do with greenhouse gasses. It has to do with the axis of the Sun.”

Discovery Magazinedebunked the "warming" theory on Jupiter back in 2007, which was actually changes on the bands of the planet, but there is no actual proof of warming, just estimates.

Robertson's co-host Terry Meeuwsen was shocked by how few scientists refuse to speak out against climate change.

However, The New York Times reports, "97 to 98 percent of working climate scientists accept the evidence for human-induced climate change."

Robertson ignored that fact and stated, "Think of how much money is involved. It’s money! They are going to get a river of money. The progressives always want control. Just like this health care initiative. They want control.”

Robertson failed to mention how progressives will get "a river of money" or "control" from Obamacare or global warming.

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