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Pat Robertson Compares Sanctuary Cities To Jim Crow (Video)

Televangelist Pat Robertson compared "sanctuary cities," which welcome undocumented immigrants, to racists who supported Jim Crow laws Nov. 17 (video below).

Robertson made his comparison on "The 700 Club" while slamming "sanctuary cities" mayors who have said they are not going to go along with President-elect Donald Trump's promises of mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, notes Right Wing Watch:

The idea of sanctuary, can you imagine how it was in the Civil Rights era when certain governors stood up against the federal government and said, "We’re going to maintain our Jim Crow laws, we’re going to maintain racial disparity."

And the federal government went in and moved against them to stop that, and I think, sooner or later, there’s got to be a coming to reckoning with these guys who act like they’re such big heroes. But we can't have little enclaves of illegal immigrants in various cities across the country. The immigration policy is in the federal government.

Robertson slammed the federal government control of immigration under President Barck Obama in April, notes Crooks And Liars:

We are talking about millions and millions of people being kept in this county illegally, many have been added to the voter rolls, some are getting driver licenses, some are taking welfare, and it just goes on and on and on, and the burden on this country is enormous, but he doesn't care.

Because what this will do is shift the balance, and most of these new immigrants from South America, particularly, will be counted on to vote Democrat. And that's what these people want. So they want to load the voter rolls with people who perhaps don't speak very good English, but yet can be talked into voting for the candidates that this party wants and that's the game. It's not exactly a game, it could change the landscape of this America rather profoundly.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Crooks And Liars / Photo credit: CBN via YouTube

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