Pat Robertson Compares Liberalism to Nazism (Video)


Since 2002, Belgium has allowed physician assisted suicide by adults, who are experiencing “unbearable psychological or physical suffering,” with the approval of two doctors.

According to The Independent, Belgium is going to debate whether or not to extend the right to die minors under 18 with fatal diseases and people suffering from long-term “diseases of the brain” like Alzheimer’s.

Under a new bill being considered, minors could get a physician assisted suicide if their parents consented and if an expert psychologist verified the child could understand the decision.

This choice not to suffer in agony from a deadly disease was turned into a Nazi-like conspiracy today by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club (video below).

Robertson blamed this proposed law on liberals, socialists and progressives who have “moved away from God,” noted

Robertson made no mention of the opposite position, which would force people to endure deadly diseases and suffering for as long as the state commanded.

"You know the liberals, the so called socialists, the progressives, they’ve moved away from God and when you move away from God then you say, ‘were humanists,’" claimed Robertson.

"Then as a result of humanity and rejecting God, you have the orgy of the French Revolution, you have the guillotine cutting off the heads of thousands of people, you have the same thing going on now in Europe, you had it under the Nazis. Why can’t we come back to the fact that God loves people?" stated Robertson.

The televangelist failed to mention that some of the first people to be killed by the Nazis were the socialists, noted The New York Times.

Robertson also failed to that he made excuses for China's mandatory abortion policies in 2001 because of his investments in Chinese cable and internet operations, reported

“I don’t agree with it,” Robertson told CNN. “But… they’ve got 1.2 billion people, and they don’t know what to do. If every family over there was allowed to have three or four children, the population would be completely unsustainable… They’re doing what they have to do.”

Sources:, The New York Times,, The Independent


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