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Pat Robertson Claims Dungeons and Dragons has 'Destroyed People's Lives' (Video)

On the 700 Club today, a letter from a viewer named "John" asked Pat Robertson: "Is it safe for a Christian to enjoy video games that have magic in them, if the person playing the games is not practicing the magic?"

"I don't know what game you're talking about, but there's one called Dungeons and Dragons that has literally destroyed people's lives," said Robertson, reports (video below).

"If it's based on the occult and magic, then stay away from it. There are other games you can play... I just think we should flee from evil."

In 2007, Robertson warned viewers that some martial artists who practice karate were "inhaling some demon spirits" before they started and their "enormous strength doesn't come from a human source, but a demonic source" (video below).



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