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Pat Robertson Claims Coach Might Have Turned Teen Gay By Molesting Him (Video)

Televangelist Pat Robertson often gives advice to parents who write to him via the 700 Club. Robertson recently told the mother of a deaf son that she wasn't praying correctly because her son had not been healed of his deafness.

Robertson doled out some similar off-the-wall advice today, which could lead to an innocent person getting arrested (video below).

A mother wrote Robertson and asked, "My 16-year-old son said he's gay. What do I do?"

In response, Robertson told her to be understanding and to pray for her son, but then suggested the teen had been molested by a coach, reports

“Is there a biological thing going on or has he been influenced, has a coach molested him?” Robertson wondered.

"These kids are in formative stages, sure, they may have some attraction to the same sex," stated Robertson. "They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re teenagers."

In more gay vs. Christian news, Focus on the Family's ex-gay Jeff Johnston lamented that trans gender children in California will not be subjected to reparative counseling to turn them straight because of a new law protecting them, notes (audio below).

"What's really sad about this law is that it teaches kids something that is not true, that you can change your sex," said Johnston. "It keeps kids from getting the treatment that they need. It's a very treatable disorder. Kids that need help, won't be getting it under this law."

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