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Pat Robertson Claims Air Pollution Doesn't Trigger Asthma, Which He Can Heal (Video)

This morning on the 700 Show, televangelist Pat Robertson mocked President Obama and the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) for their plans to cut down on carbon emissions and reduce pollution.

"The president is promising to prevent thousands of heart attacks and asthma episodes," mocked Robertson, noted (video below). "Maybe he has a touch with the Divine somehow."

It was an odd remark, coming from Robertson who claims to have a touch with the Divine and supposedly healed someone with asthma through his TV show in 2009 (video below).

“The inmates have taken over the asylum, it's just unbelievable,” Robertson complained this morning. “There seems to be no relationship to actual on-ground activity.”

However, the Centers for Disease Control website states:

Outdoor air pollution can trigger an asthma attack. This pollution can come from factories, automobiles, and other sources. Pay attention to air quality forecasts on radio, television, and the Internet and check your newspaper to plan your activities for when air pollution levels will be low.

According to Forbes, pollution is also linked to heart attacks:

Air pollution causes heart attacks and death. Especially when the pollutants include ozone and particulate matter. And more often in the summer time, when ozone levels are higher. These are the conclusions of researchers at Rice University who studied the 11,677 cases of cardiac arrest logged by emergency services personnel in Houston, Tx. between 2004 and 2011.

Ignoring the science, Robertson claimed, "These are zealots. They're highly motivated zealots and they worship the environment and worship climate.”

However, Robertson failed to produce any evidence of this alleged "worship."

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