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Pat Robertson Calls Sen. Bernie Sanders Supporters 'Ignorant Sheep' (Video)

Christian televangelist Pat Robertson attacked voters who support Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for the Democratic presidential nomination and worried aloud that Sanders was going to take away his money on Feb. 17 (video below).

Robertson made his remarks while interviewing Joshua Charles, Tea Party activist and co-author of a Glenn Beck book, on CBN's "The 700 Club," notes

"I see these young people, these so-called millenniums, going to one of these Bernie Sanders rallies, and I think, 'You're a bunch of ignorant sheep,'” Robertson said. "They are cheering a man who wants to take away all our money, what is it?”

Charles laughed and said he didn't support Sanders. Instead, he praised the founding fathers as the "founding prophets" who addressed issues related to "banking institutions, monopolies, class warfare-type issues, breakdown of morality."

Charles added that young people are not aware of "our national story."

In an op-ed for WorldNet Daily in 2015, Charles wrote that gay people adopting surrogate children was a "horrific and monstrous evil."

"To create them in this manner, to deprive them of one of the halves that made them in this manner, as a matter of course, is from the pit of Hell," Charles added.

Sources:, WorldNet Daily / Photo Credit: CBN via YouTube

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