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Pat Robertson: Boys Are Being 'Effeminized' (Video)

TV evangelist Pat Robertson lamented on April 12 that boys are being "effeminized" (video below).

Robertson made his comments during "The 700 Club," which ran a CBN News segment on a Christian training camp that uses military techniques to turn boys into men, notes Right Wing Watch:

Are our young men being turned into wimps? Is that what's happening on college campuses? Can you believe that they've got to apologize for being masculine? They have to apologize for being white. They've got to apologize for being males.

It is crazy what's happening on college campuses; not at Regent University, I might add, but on many of them. On many college campuses, masculinity used to be looked as something to be desired. Now, it's regarded as something shameful. Would you want a wimp?

Robertson's co-host, Wendy Griffith, replied: "No. I like manly men, and they are scarce out there."

"By the time they’re little kids, they’re effeminized," Robertson added. "It’s just awful."

Bruce Stansbury, a retired Air Force Major, is in charge of the week-long training camp in Opelika, Alabama.

Stansbury explained to CBN News how "The Challenge" camp works:

By age nine, a young man is trying to fit or assess how life is supposed to work, and so we want to get the word of God into that young man's heart right away. So our goal is to build a legion of young men in America, that when they go off to college, when they go into the workplace, when they go to school, they can impact their environment instead of this world impacting them.

According to Stansbury, the boys also do weapons training:

A lot of folks ask us, because we do military-type training, are you a military indoctrination program? And we're not, we just use that to catch the attention of the young man. They've got Bible study, they've got land navigation, they've got firearms training, medical, hand-to-hand combat.

So, we do weapons training, not to make them a marksman. I could care less if they ever pick up a weapon again, or join the Army or the Air Force. The spiritual lesson we want them to learn is the importance of listening and obedience.

The camp is run by an organization called The Timothy Group, which insists it's not a military camp on its website: "CHALLENGE is not a military camp, but it is a program based on the military fundamentals of teamwork, courage, selflessness, attention to detail and a sense of urgency. All of these fundamentals used in harmony with participating fathers and a strong staff team helps reinforce Biblical concepts and masculine strengths to the young men."

Sources: Right Wing Watch, CBN News, The Timothy Group / Photo credit: The 700 Club/Twitter

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