Pat Robertson Blames Devil For News Reporting (Video)


Televangelist Pat Robertson blamed the devil for news and activist organizations quoting him and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Aug. 10 (video below).

Robertson voiced his complaints on "The 700 Club" after Trump said on Aug. 9 that "Second Amendment people" might have to stop Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from nominating U.S. Supreme Court justices, notes, which is owned by People For the American Way

Robertson discussed his thoughts on the matter:

I sympathize with Donald Trump. I had a group called Media Matters, I had another group called People For the American Way, they taped every single word that I said and I did about 10,000 broadcasts, I did that many adlibs, and every time they would take my words and transpose.

They would take connectors out and they would put it out, and there was somebody at the AP who was one of their clones and they picked up, across the country would come these idiotic statements. The same thing is being done to Trump.

Robertson did not cite any specific examples to back up his assertions, but went on to badly paraphrase Trump's comments about Clinton:

Out of context, twist it around, and then throw it out, "Robertson just said," and around the world. So they’re doing to Trump now. There’s a whole team of people just looking for every word he speaks to make him look silly.

What he said yesterday I think, or the day before, whatever, the Second Amendment crowd would give me a hand, and what he’s talking about are those who are concerned about gun control, and what he’s saying is a new Supreme Court judge, it’s been virtually a tie on it, and the next time they put a liberal judge on, they’ll be reversing the Second Amendment.

So he said the Second Amendment. So what his opponents are saying, "Well, Donald Trump is encouraging people to shoot Hillary," it’s just nonsense.

Robertson complained that the news media won't allow joking, and then linked them to the devil: "Every time they’re going to twist the words, and I know what it’s like, he has my profound sympathy, but these people are profound liars and they’re set up as liars. And the devil is a liar and the father of lies, according to the Bible."

Several of Trump's fellow Republicans pushed back against Trump's comments about Clinton, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Republican Rep. Peter King of New York told MSNBC that Trump made a "dumb remark," but not a threat.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine opined to CNN: "The fact that it’s interpreted that way reflects a constant stream of inappropriate and reckless comments that Donald Trump has made."

Joe Scarborough, a Republican, said on his "Morning Joe" show that Republicans were allowing Trump to destroy the party.

A Secret Service official told CNN the government agency spoke to the Trump campaign about Trump's "Second Amendment" comments, which Trump denied on Twitter: "No such meeting or conversation ever happened."

Sources: RightWingWatch.orgLos Angeles Times, CNN / Photo credit: CBN via YouTube

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