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Pat Robertson Attacks 'Nasty Group' That Quotes Him Correctly (Video)

Pat Robertson said on the 700 Club today that he may order an expose of an unnamed "nasty group" that quotes his most outrageous statements (video below).

“There are organizations, there is one in particular, which I will not name, but it is set out for one purpose: to embarrass those who are conservative on television. So they take my words and they twist them and distort them,” claimed Robertson.

Robertson recently got himself in hot water by offering bizarre advice to a woman who could not forgive her husband's affair.

Instead of referencing the Bible, Robertson told the woman to stop "talking about the cheating. he cheated on you, Well, okay, he's a man,"

Robertson also told the wife to “give him honor instead of trying to worry about it. But recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit and what you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander."

The "nasty group" that broke that story and numerous other odd quotes by Robertson is, which stated today:

We have a pretty good idea of who he might be talking about. Robertson specifically referred to our recent post on his response to a question from a woman struggling to preserve her marriage after her husband had an affair. According to Robertson, by posting his entire answer and quoting him verbatim we were actually misrepresenting his words to make him look bad, but somehow at the same time we were also helping him because he received a letter endorsing his “advice.”

“I am not politically correct, in case you haven’t learned," Robertson stated today. "I tell it like it is. This organization misconstrues deliberately, they want to do everything they can to make my words and they twist them. I will not identify the organization, but one day we may have a full-scale expose because it’s a nasty group.”



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