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Pat Robertson: Family Feud Caused By Menstrual Cycle (Video)

Televangelist Pat Robertson suggested on Nov. 29 that a woman's menstrual cycle may be the reason she does not get along with her parents (video below).

A viewer of "The 700 Club" told Robertson she wanted her two adult sons to boycott her adult daughter's home during the holidays because the daughter had frozen out the viewer and her husband, notes Right Wing Watch.

The mother didn't say exactly why her daughter "abruptly" cut off contact, but wanted to know if she was wrong for using her sons as tools for her holiday revenge.

Robertson endorsed the scheme, and suggested the problem centered around the adult daughter's menstrual cycle because of how teens act:

They can be the sweetest things in the world, but they also could be going through puberty and then go through all kinds of hormonal changes, and they get nuts along the way. A little slight sets them off, and they don't know what's going on, and so I suggest you pray for your daughter.

Robertson also said the adult daughter needed a Christian psychiatrist, and added this bit of wisdom:

Women have these cycles every month, they have something that causes ... But the girl is into this, I mean, you can think OK she's gonna hit menopause and she's gonna have another crisis. But these are hormonal things that go on at puberty and so forth. And the little slights can kick somebody off.

Robertson's former co-host of "The 700 Club," Jim Bakker, gushed a week earlier about President-elect Donald Trump working with Russian President Vladimir Putin to usher in the end days, reports Right Wing Watch (video below).

Bakker, who was selling his survivalist goods during on his Black Friday special, referred to some obscure articles on about pro-Israel advocates who are hoping that Trump and Putin work together on Israel, and that Jewish people will return to their homeland.

The Kremlin said in statement that Putin and Trump had spoken by phone on Nov. 14 and had agreed "on the absolutely unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations," and that both supported the notion "to normalize relations and pursue constructive cooperation on the broadest possible range of issues," noted The New York Times.

The newspaper added that Russia wants Trump to lift the economic sanctions put in place against the country by President Barack Obama because of Russia's military intervention in the Ukraine.

On "The Jim Bakker Show," the host spoke about a different reality:

The thing that is shocking. Putin and Trump, I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re talking about helping Israel rebuild their Temple ... When they start talking about building the Temple and the Jews all coming back to Israel, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords comes after that.

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2), The New York Times / Photo credit: CBN via YouTube

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