Pat Robertson Advises Poor Woman, 80, to Get Job, Sell Junk on eBay (Video)

There are over 200 verses in the Bible about helping the poor, but Pat Robertson didn't mention any of them on today's 700 Club when an 80-year-old woman in financial hardship wrote the televangelist for advice on her overwhelming bills.

According to RawStory.com, the elderly woman wrote to Robertson: "My husband and I are in our 80s and have been tithing for many years. We both love the Lord and give willingly and our tithe is over 10 percent.”

The woman added that she and her husband never have an "extra penny" left over, but need car repairs and dental work, which they cannot afford. "What could we be doing wrong?” she asked (video below).

“There are many ways of making money, even at 80 years old,” Robertson stated. “You know, you can get on the telephone, people are hiring. There are all kinds of things you can do. For example, you may have a bunch of junk lying around in your garage that you can sell on eBay, and get some money that way.

“There are many, many ways of making money,” added Robertson. “And you’re looking at the downside of all the bills you’ve got instead of saying, ‘God, I’ve been faithful to you. Now, I claim my blessing, and I ask you to open the windows of heaven and pour me out a blessing. Show me what you’re going to do, show me how I can move into blessing.’ So, just ask him.”

However, the Bible never promises Christians money even if they just "ask" God and "claim" it. Robertson, who is reportedly worth between $200 million and $1 billion, did not offer the woman any financial help.

In the same show, after denying the elderly woman help, Robertson falsely claimed that President Obama was not concerned about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

“The world is blowing apart because there is no leadership from the leading nation on Earth, we’re not leading and we have to lead. And in this Obama thing, excuse me, this Ebola thing, we can take care of that, it’s not that big a deal, it’s manageable, but if we don’t manage it quickly it’s going to spread and then it will be a worldwide disaster,” claimed Robertson.

However, in reality, President Obama released a video (below) earlier this week to the people of West Africa promising help, reported ABC News.

“The United States is working with your governments to help stop this disease, and the first step in this fight is knowing the facts [about Ebola prevention],” stated President Obama.

The U.S. State Department said the video would be distributed to American embassies in the area and translated.

Sources: NNDB.com, RawStory.com, RightWingWatch.org, ABC News


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